“Cold Pressed Oils – Nature’s Purity, Your Beauty Secret:

Explore the essence of pure, unadulterated beauty with our Cold Pressed Oils at Cosmo Wholesale. These oils are the result of a meticulous, chemical-free extraction process, preserving the natural goodness of seeds and botanicals. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, our cold pressed oils are the foundation of authentic skincare and haircare formulations. From the nourishing embrace of Argan and Jojoba to the healing properties of Tea Tree and Sweet Almond, our range of cold pressed oils is a testament to nature’s potency. Elevate your beauty products with the purest essence of nature, exclusively at Cosmo Wholesale”

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Argan Oil

 4,200 13,500
Experience the magic of Moroccan beauty with our premium quality Argan Oil. Sourced directly from Morocco, our argan oil is perfect for hair and skin care. Our unbeatable argan oil price in Pakistan makes it easily accessible for all. Indulge in this liquid gold's nourishing and hydrating properties and achieve radiant beauty. 100% pure and natural, it's the ultimate luxury for your cosmetic products. Get yours now and discover the essence of Morocco.

Avocado Oil

 1,650 4,500
Avocado oil, a beauty secret rich in nutrients. Discover its natural moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. Elevate your cosmetic creations with premium avocado oil from Cosmo Wholesale.

Black Seed Oil

 2,750 9,500
Cosmetic-Grade Black Seed Oil: Experience the natural beauty benefits with our premium cosmetic-grade black seed oil. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, it rejuvenates skin and hair, providing a radiant, healthy glow. Discover its magic today!

Castor Oil

 900 2,200
Discover the beauty secret in a bottle. Our pure castor oil is a natural wonder, perfect for skincare and haircare products. Elevate your cosmetic formulations with this versatile gem.

Coconut Oil

 900 2,200
Pure, versatile, and nourishing. Elevate your cosmetic creations with our premium coconut oil. Enhance skincare and haircare formulations with nature's rejuvenating secret.

Curry Leaf Oil

 4,200 14,000
Elevate your cosmetics with the exquisite fragrance and benefits of Cosmetic Grade Curry Leaf Oil from Cosmo Wholesale. This premium oil adds a unique aroma and botanical richness to your beauty formulations.

Grapeseed Oil

 1,500 5,100
Discover Pure Beauty with Sweet Grapeseed Oil - Cosmo Wholesale offers premium cosmetic-grade Sweet Grapeseed Oil, a natural elixir for skincare. Nourish and revitalize your skin with this luxurious, antioxidant-rich beauty secret.

Hemp Seed Oil

 2,700 9,900
Discover the beauty secret of the ages with Cosmetic Grade Hemp Seed Oil from Cosmo Wholesale. Packed with nourishing benefits, it's the natural choice for radiant, healthy skin and hair.

Jojoba Oil

 1,800 6,300
Experience the purity of cosmetic-grade Jojoba Oil at Cosmo Wholesale. Our premium oil is the ideal choice for skincare and haircare formulations, providing natural nourishment and hydration for a radiant you.  

Neem Oil

 2,300 8,200
Discover the purity and power of cosmetic grade neem oil at Cosmo Wholesale. Extracted from the neem tree, it's a natural gem for skincare, offering nourishment and rejuvenation. Your customers deserve the best, and neem oil delivers.

Olive Pomace Oil

 1,200 3,800
Cosmo Wholesale offers premium Cosmetic Grade Olive Pomace Oil—a natural, nourishing elixir for skincare and cosmetics. Cold-pressed and pure, it hydrates, rejuvenates, and adds a touch of luxury to your beauty products.

Rosehip Oil

 2,600 9,400
Cosmo Wholesale's Cosmetic-Grade Rosehip Oil: Discover nature's secret to radiant skin. Our premium rosehip oil is pure, cold-pressed, and rich in nutrients, promoting youthful, glowing skin. A must-have for your cosmetic formulations.